Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Learn to be Still (Summer Shorts Series)

It's summer and I'm back to writing blog posts. Brian Barry (@Nunavut_Tweeter) suggested that in summer it was good to keep posts short and from that moment I started the "Summer Shorts" series of posts. Hope you'll enjoy them.

And someday you will
Learn to be still

            I have been on a bit of a hiatus these last few weeks and have enjoyed the time at home. I’m now heading back on the road to work with colleagues. While I have been enjoying the musings of others, I haven’t written a post. I’ve been reminded of the lyrics to the Eagles song that titles this post, as it is a growth area for me. I’m just not very good at being still. My wife shares that I have two speeds – flat out and flat out (as in prone and asleep). So, apparently I have some work to do in this department.

            I know a lot is made of the need to achieve a work-life balance and I’m not about to diminish that as a goal. I just think it might look a little different for each person. For example, I’ve come to realize that I’m not wired to lie on the beach for a week and enjoy myself. I’m good for two or three days (and really value the rest and recharge opportunity) and then I want to rearrange the towels on the beach or rake the sand on the beach. Pushing to relax more actually creates more tension and unrest for me. The balance comes in how I use some of the down time and I realize it might seem too busy for others, and that’s okay. I try to run five days a week and usually alone with my thoughts. I find this time quite energizing even when it goes beyond an hour. I like to write, and the process of creating books inspires me, as I research and get to read the quality works of others. My down time looks busier than might be desired by others and it is shaped by what I need. So while I’ve enjoyed this time of rest, I’ve recorded a number of webinars, worked on a training manual for a book Chris Weber and I just had published, and furthered some planning steps for an anthology I’m creating with the help of some really smart educators. It feels like a nice balance for me right now. I’ll concede that it may change, as I get older. I also know that there will be a time when I’m still. I’m just not there yet!

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