Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year? What New Year?

             I have a confession to make. I’m not a big fan of the annual celebrations on New Year’s Eve. I prefer to spend the time with family or, at most, a few close friends. I’ve also never engaged in the notion of setting resolutions that might guide my behavior from January 1st forward. If changes need to happen, it’s probably more time sensitive than to be waiting for an artificial date with little meaning.

            As I thought more about the celebrations and resolution-making this year, I also realized my other challenge with the whole thing – it’s the time of year! Since I was five I’ve been going to school and that has defined my year. Whenever I heard conversation about the year it was always that September-to-September cycle in my mind and never the calendar year. My New Year’s Eve also doubled as Labor Day for most other folks and my resolutions were always focused on my upcoming students, staff, and schools

            To this day when I get asked to reflect on the year, my first thoughts go to the ten months that define a school year. It’s the cycle I’m most familiar with. It also keeps me focused on affecting change where there might actually be some impact as opposed to the personal wringing of hands and feelings of inadequacy that drive many resolutions espoused on the 31st

            When the current school year concludes I’ll be gathering with educators in various venues and we’ll reflect on the year that was. We’ll have conversations supported by information they have gathered over the year and we’ll make plans that will positively impact lives going forward. And to top it off, we’ll then have some days of rest in the glorious summer sun. Now that’s a resolution I CAN commit to!

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