Friday, December 28, 2012

My New Favorite Things

            This Christmas has been my best ever and it’s not because of anything material that I received. It’s the best ever because of family. We had the pleasure of having our three kids, their partners, and our three grandkids with us in our new house and I loved every minute of it. It’s been tough to see them head back to their respective homes and I feel very fortunate to have had all of the quality time.
There’s something special about seeing your kids grow up to become adults that my wife and I are so very proud of and whom we love to be around. The level of adult conversation, their intelligence, caring and compassion along with the three brilliant adults, their partners, they have brought into our lives is better than any gift. But that pales in comparison to the three (and counting, hint hint) little delights that were also part of our holiday. The world just stops when I get to be with Isabella, Leah, and Liam and I look forward to much more memory-making time. These are definitely the moments of our lives. With apologies to the original artists and their version, here is my modified version of “My Favorite Things”.

Teething drool from Leah, and Liam’s big smile
Playing with Isabella for quite a long while
My arms and legs being used as swings
These are a few of my new favorite things

Tiny wet fingers stuck in my ears and nose
Counting up all the tiny fingers and toes
Walking outdoors (and mostly carrying)
These are a few of my new favorite things

Liam’s furrowed brow as he’s deep in thought
Leah heading up the stairs hoping not to get caught
Isabella bouncing around as she quietly sings
These are a few of my new favorite things

When they leave and our empty home is echoing
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my new favorite things
And then I won't feel so bad

I hope you also had a memorable holiday and took time to create some special memories. These are the things that will serve as positive reminders when the dark clouds circle. Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy 2013!

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