Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break - A Time of Renewal

     I know some of you will have completed your Spring Break already while others may be in the midst of it. I hope all of you were able to use the time away as a period of renewal and re-charging of your formidable personal energy stores.

     I hope the photo above (taken on the last day of my break) of the sunset in Kona brings back some positive thoughts of your break. It's not the location that is important but the notion of some time away from the challenges of being an educator that is paramount. Whatever your role in a school or district today, it is marked by hard work. More importantly, it is marked by "heart work" and that can be quite draining on our personal lives.

     My son recently shared this observation with me that accurately sums up why I needed a break: "I look at the past with great humour and the future with great's the present that is wearing me down!" While he is not in the education sector, he clearly understands our challenge.

     Recent trips to Winnipeg and Ottawa revealed for me the power of some time away. The educators I encountered were full of energy and enthusiasm that was, in part, borne out of "some time to breathe and reflect" as one teacher shared with me. All were aware of the challenges that remain before them as the school year moves to conclusion. The passion and commitment to draw out every possible success for their students was equally obvious.

     I hope you took advantage of the time away to be away from your work and with the other aspects of your life that help to define who you are. Best wishes moving forward with the rest of the school year.

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