Friday, February 4, 2011

Why we thank coaches...

When a school receives a message like this, it's another reminder of how fortunate we are to have people who volunteer their time to coach and mold young minds.

"I just wanted to send off a quick email regarding both the coaches and players of the Elphinstone Juvenile boys basketball team. I refereed the boys game versus Argyle this past Wednesday and to say the least, I was incredibly impressed with how the team carried themselves. In a game where they clearly out matched Argyle, your coaches did a great job  of mixing up playing time, forcing their team to run offense etc. to help keep the game as close as possible. Classy!!!!

Moreover, I was working with a leadership student who was new to the game and I found that your coaches and players were very supportive of her learning to referee.

Emails to the district athletic director and referee allocator are often negative feedback about referring mishaps or coaches' conduct but I wanted to make a point of pointing out a positive experience with the Elphinstone group."

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