Monday, February 7, 2011

Highway 46 - A Road Less Travelled?

Highway 46, the brainchild of Superintendent Deborah Palmer, began as a vehicle to encourage and elicit student views on many educational topics.  Elementary and secondary students are invited to meet with management staff and trustees for a couple of hours during the school day.  Schools identify students from across their population for participation in two or three of these meetings during the school year.  The group always changes as does the topic for each of the meetings.  Pizza for lunch ensures the body is nourished as well as the mind. This initiative has promoted strong student involvement in educational issues through participation in these Highway 46 meetings.

Our next set of meetings is coming up on February 11th and 16th and our topic will be technology with an examination of cyber bullying.  The student views have served to influence the thinking of the adults who are looking to shape policy that will allow students to succeed.

What's happening in your schools and district?

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