Monday, August 18, 2014

Connecting the Dots

I enjoy so many aspects of my current work world and I believe that enjoyment is largely driven by the variety of educators I’ve been able to meet and their contributions to my knowledge base. I’ve had so many unique perspectives shared that I otherwise would not have encountered or imagined and that stretching has been a real bonus.

I also know that the more intentional and connected we can make the work, the less it seems like work and, instead, just the way educators do their daily job inspiring students. Stress, anxiety, disinterest, and burnout happen when we work at things that are unrelated and imposed on us – things we don’t care about.  Working hard at things we love, things that are connected and interrelated, leads to passion. Last week served as a reminder of this as I watched educators take part in a three-day forum that was both layered from day one to day three, and connected to the work that they had been participating in over the last couple of years. Hearing them share the connections reminded me that our learning as adults needs to mirror the learning we are striving for with our students. Rather than a random collection of disparate facts, deep and engaging learning that builds bridges to prior knowledge should be our goal in professional development.

Connecting the dots between all of the best practice of the past, with the new skills and knowledge gained in the present, will ensure all of our students have an opportunity for a positive future. And that will never seem like work.

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