Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seven Reasons to Attend Seven Keys in Seattle

I tweeted out seven reason why I thought educators should come to Seattle May 16/17th and attend a conference facilitated by Charlie Coleman (@Heart_Coleman) and I. We think it will be the type of conference that can really create the positive change in schools that we fell is necessary to move forward and promote positive student outcomes. It's happened whenever we've presented the material and we'd really like to have you join us (http://www.solution-tree.com/authors/tom-hierck/pyramid-behavior-intervention-wsf481.html). Here's the 7 reasons (aligned with the 7 Keys):

Reason #1 Common Expectations will be achieved + you'll create a matrix that describes and defines what you value most at your school.

Reason #2 We'll create positive outcomes that all staff can deliver, model, and explain and all students learn. ALL means ALL!

Reason #3 Positive Reinforcement (4:1) that is authentic + meaningful (personalized) is the goal. EVERY student deserves our respect.

Reason #4 Support strategies will be developed and implemented that allow specialists to max their impact and kids to max their learning.

Reason #5 Collaboration is King! We are infinitely smarter together than we can hope to be individually. Teamwork trumps solo effort.

Reason #6 Data - a good word when used for the right reasons. Should inform our instruction and student learning. The conversation is key.

Reason #7 School-wide approach drives how "we do things around here". What's your rally cry? How is your school defined?

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