Friday, January 13, 2012

Tenet #2 - Every day provides a new opportunity to exert a positive influence.

     It is an unreasonable expectation that we get every aspect of our lives perfect every day. As I reflect on my time as an educator I know there were days when I was not the best teacher my students needed that particular day. What provides me solace is the notion that I tried to not let one bad day become a bad week. I tried to follow MY struggles with a much better effort the next opportunity I had with that class. I choose to emphasize my responsibility as that's all I really have control over. But here's what my reflections of those moments tell me - each time I chose to come back with a positive approach, the better the overall environment was for others. Contrast this with an approach that carries the bad vibes forward on successive days. The result of this action is a furthering of a negative environment where fear of reprisal rules the conduct of all. 

     We are all only human and we all have our unique buttons that can be pushed. We're also subject to the trials and tribulations that are part of our daily lives. It's a given that we'll have tough moments and they don't only schedule themselves apart from our interactions with others. I know I'm not always the best educator, best spouse, best parent, best friend or best in any of the other interactions I have. I also know that the dawn of each new day provides an opportunity to exert a positive influence and shape some of the future outcomes.

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